Checklist Order

ATA's topical checklists are a service available to members in good standing. Please complete the form below to request your desired checklist(s).Once an order is received, your membership will be verified prior to filling the order. Once you enter a checklist number, the system will display the cost for that list. If you need a custom checklist, please click here to complete the Custom Checklist Request Form.

Standard Topical Checklists - standard checklists can be ordered by entering their number below. The system will search for the topic and enter the item count and cost for you. Unless you select PDF or Print in the Format Column, the checklists will be sent to you in Microsoft Excel format. If you are requesting an update for a list you have previously purchased, please check the Update? Column for that checklist. Updates for previous purchased checklists are free to members in good standing.

Checklist# Name / Topic of the Checklist No. of Items Format Cost Update?

About custom checklists - custom checklists can be requested when the topics desired do not conform to any existing standard checklists. Please use the Custom Checklist Order From available here to request a custom checklist.


By submitting your order, you state that you are a member in good standing and agree to pay the checklist price as indicated above. Orders are subject to verification prior to fulfillment.