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ATA's topical checklists are a service available to members in good standing. Please complete the form below to request a search for custom topic combinations. Once your request is received, your membership will be verified. The ATA office will then conduct your search and email you with the results and details of your checklist(s).

Request Custom Checklist(s) - each line below represents a different checklist request. Please enter the keywords to search, then any words to avoid in the search and, finally, any special instruction (e.g. only philatelic items from a particular country) pertaining to your topic. Use a new line for each separate checklist. You can add lines as needed. Once finished, click the Submit Request button at the bottom.

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By submitting your request, you state that you are an ATA member in good standing. Once verified, your requests will be searched and the ATA office will email you with details of the available checklist(s).