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The American Topical Association is the world's leading supplier of checklists for topical stamp collectors. This members-only service enables collectors to organize the stamps they have while developing a plan for the stamps they want to acquire. The ATA database offers over 1500 pre-defined checklists for popular topics and empowers searches to develop custom checklists for stamps that meet the collector's specialized interests.

Members can get started right away by completing the online order form found here. If you are not a member, visit our membership page here to learn more about the many benefits available from the American Topical Association. Then come back here to order your checklists.

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Pre-Defined Checklists

The ATA Checklist System includes over 1500 pre-defined lists that reflect some of the most popular topics in the hobby. These lists are constantly updated with new information, expanded descriptions and new issues.

To research your topic, visit the order form and start typing the name of your desired topic in the field titled "Name/ Topic of Checklist." If a predefined checklist is available, the lists matching your text will appear in a pop-up menu. Click on the desired topic and the form will pull in the number of items and display the checklist cost.

Members can complete the form to order a checklist.

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Custom Checklists

Requesting custom checklists has never been easier. The new ATA Checklist System includes a form where members can be very specific about the custom checklists they want.

To request a custom checklist, visit the Custom Checklist Request form online. The form has fields to specify (1) keywords to include in the list, (2) topics to omit and (3)any special instructions (like only stamps from Canada).

Complete one line of fields for each custom checklist and then (4) submit the form with the button at the bottom of the screen.

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Available Formats

ATA Checklists are available in multiple formats including Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF and in hardcopy (printed) versions.

Exclusively for Members

ATA Checklists are available exclusively to ATA members in good standing. If you are already a member, click here to get started on your next checklist. If you're not a member, why are you waiting? Click here to learn more about membership and to get started today!

Ordering Checklists

"Ordering an ATA checklist is quick and easy. Click here to visit the online order form and get started on your next topical collection.

FREE Updates for Members

As long as you maintain your membership in the American Topical Association, annual updates for the checklists you purchase are free. You can even order your updates online. Simply use the online order form and click the UPDATE check box. We'll check your membership records and verify your eligibility for any update you request.